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Finding Certainty Amidst Uncertainty

We keep hearing it: we are navigating unprecedented times. Life as we know it has changed – and continues to change almost daily – as we work together to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the globe.

Unfortunately for most of us, change is uncomfortable. But as we often say to our clients “although difficult now, there is an unexpected and valuable upside to this situation, and it’s called resilience”

Maintain Resilience is one of the ten Building Blocks of Core Confidence  so please use the resources in that chapter to develop your self care plan, and remember that the way to get through the churn that change brings is first by acknowledging it.

That acknowledgement and awareness then allows us to create a level of certainty for ourselves, which is crucial for navigating times of change. For example, working from home means creating a new routine which can then serve as our ‘new normal’ to help us find certainty amidst the uncertainty. 

Along with work routines, personal rituals assist us with managing our physical and emotional state during tumultuous times. This recent Facebook Live video includes discussion about simple ways to incorporate rituals into our day. These behaviours provide powerful anchors to keep us grounded and connected to our confidence and directly impact how we’re showing up every day with our colleagues (albeit remotely), with our families and with ourselves.

One last point to remember is that during this time of change, it’s important to get comfortable with the need to pivot, try new things and change previously held ideas or decisions. We’re all doing that, and we’re all doing it in conditions we’ve never encountered; so there is no place for perfectionism, comparison with others or for fear of failure.

Take care, stay distant and stay well.

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