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Harnessing your multiple intelligences

The challenging circumstances we are currently facing is creating change at a rate of knots, forcing us all to make important decisions quickly and regularly. When making decisions, we can draw on the four intelligences we all have access to, and it is these that will be our focus throughout May during our Facebook Live sessions.

We cover these four intelligences in Core Confidence in Chapter 6 – Be Focused and Present and to quickly recap, they are:

  • head/cognitive intelligence – reason, logic, analysis
  • heart/emotional intelligence – understanding and managing emotions of self and others
  • body/physical intelligence – the signals our body sends out including sweaty palms, energy levels and posture
  • gut/intuitive intelligence – our sixth sense or internal radar

We know that traditionally we tend to give more credence to our cognitive intelligence and don’t connect into or leverage the others as much. However, this reliance on only one part of the intelligence whole means we are not stepping into and using our full power and potential.

What are the benefits of leaning into each of our intelligences?

  1. Head – using our head enables us to understand complex problems and create rational responses that apply logic
  2. Heart – connecting into our emotional intelligence means we display kindness, compassion and vulnerability to ourselves and to those around us. These are traits humans thrive from giving and receiving and are particularly pertinent in our current environment of uncertainty and volatility
  3. Body – looking after ourselves physically means we feel better and have more resilience. Yet our body language (and being aware of it in others) also shares signals that help us connect
  4. Gut – a primary instinct you can’t always put your finger on. We override this one often because we can’t rationally justify it, but it’s one that has kept humans alive for centuries

By effectively using all the intelligences we have at our disposal, we can confidently make better decisions that align with our passion and purpose and allow us to be in control of our response to every situation we find ourselves in.

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