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Accelerate, Leadership Development and Mentor Program

The next generation of leaders are choosing to do things differently; accustomed to an unpredictable, disruptive and sometimes chaotic world, they are looking for opportunities to work in purpose-led organisations that provide autonomy, opportunity and the freedom to work where and when they want.

Supporting high potential and emerging talent through this crucial stage in their career enhances not only the value they can add to your organisation, but also the impact they can have as leaders and the likelihood they will remain loyal over the years ahead.

If you are looking for a professional development program that will help you ACCELERATE and ACTIVATE your career or want to invest in your high potential female talent this is the program for you.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring

Working individually with senior executives, our systemic coaching approach enables people to leverage their strengths and to recognise patterns and behaviours that have been getting in their way and inhibiting their ability to reach their potential. Our methodology is time efficient and solutions focused; the power rests with the individual, and by providing a supportive framework, significant shifts are made that enhance individual performance, which in turn, improves the organisation’s performance.

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Women in Leadership Series

Looking to inspire women across your organisation to grow and develop their career?

Our Women in Leadership Series will bring together people across your organisation designed to inspire action and build practical capability of your people. Whilst programs can be custom designed to specific challenges within your organisation, our signature series includes:

  • 9 modules held across a 12 month period
  • 3 hour live face to face training session focused on both inspiration and application (this can be livestreamed to provide multi location programs)
  • Pre and post work including peer accountability sessions
  • ROI tracking to assess progress, obtain feedback and determine outcomes achieved throughout the program
  • An experience facilitator who brings practical commercial leadership experience and deep coaching capability to support program participants.

Content can be centred around the Core Confidence model (ie personal brand, career planning, confidence, building relationships & networks etc) or can be tailored to organisation needs.

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