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The power of good health

By now we’re well and truly back into the swing of things for the working year. Deadlines, projects, events – it’s all happening. So, this month we’re turning our focus towards resilience and, more specifically, physical resilience which is one of the four dimensions of resilience we talk about in Chapter 7 of Core Confidence.

When it comes to career goals and trajectories, we don’t necessarily place enough emphasis or priority on what we do around our physical health and well-being. Yet when it comes to facing and overcoming unexpected challenges or hurdles, being strong and healthy is a huge advantage.

We’re not just talking about the need for exercise and regular physical activity (although this is certainly an important component of improving physiological wellbeing) but also food and sleep.

When it comes to nutrition, some foods can lift your mood, energy levels and ability to concentrate, whilst others can do exactly the opposite.

A big project at work is all it takes to make us forget all we know about good nutrition, and an extended period of late nights working can easily turn into habits of takeaway and snacking on chocolate and chips to reward yourself for all your hard work. Whilst short term this isn’t necessarily an issue, using it as a regular strategy is – and in either case will not reward you with the clear thinking and decision-making capabilities you likely need for your big project.

Sleep is another important element of physical resilience. Lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep, has a large impact on mental health, decision making, critical thinking and emotion. These are all key elements of performing well at work, achieving our goals and filling our confidence cup. So, the power of sleep is not one to be dismissed and consciously prioritising good sleep habits is smart.

Some questions to consider when thinking about your self care and physical health:

–          What is it that gives me energy and vitality?
–          What makes me feel less enthusiastic and less able to take what’s coming at me?
–          What are the foods that give me the most nourishment?
–          How much sleep do I need to perform at my best and how can I ensure I get it?
–          What physical exercise do I need to incorporate into my routine to strengthen my body and mind?

It’s worth taking the time to reflect and become aware of the decisions you make around your physical wellbeing. Those that serve you well and those that don’t, because the impact on the way you feel and perform in daily life is enormous.

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