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Walking your confidence talk

The Act of Confidence comes before the feeling of confidence: every day we see this in our lives and those of our clients, especially those that have joined us on our newest addition to the Core Confidence family, the 7 Acts of Confidence program – a practical, interactive extension of the concepts we cover in the Core Confidence book.

In it, we outline the key behaviours that we have heard women talk to when describing an absence of confidence. The 7 Acts of Confidence fall broadly into three categories:

  • Being Visible
  • Speaking Up
  • Standing Back Up

Being Visible
Visibility starts with clarity – making decisions on what we want to achieve in both our working and personal lives. Clarity shines a guiding light on what is important to us and with that information we’re able to articulate where we want to be, how we’re going to get there and what we need to work on to achieve it.

It is this knowledge that allows us to understand our value and strengths and be able to share and articulate them. This informs our appreciation of the importance of consciously working on personal brand to build our profile, our sphere of influence and our relationships with key stakeholders that help us on our path to where we want to go.

Speaking Up
Being able to communicate our value makes it easier to have conversations and ask for what you want – whether it’s a pay rise, more responsibility, flexibility or something else, going into a discussion to ask for what you want is sharper when it can be demonstrated why it should happen.

Similarly, saying no and setting boundaries to what we are prepared to do or say – living to our values – is speaking up.

Lastly, meeting goals is not a one-woman job. Asking for help along the way – from colleagues, networks, and mentors – means we can extend our experience and knowledge to meet our objectives.

Standing Back Up
The Acts of Confidence in this category are all about resilience, fear and failure. Development of resilience; understanding our fears and what is holding us back; and reframing our attitude to failure all enable us to take steps to ensure that when we fall, we get right back up and try again.

Are you ready to go deeper with your confidence journey? Find out more about the Acts of Confidence journey here.

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